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Department of Dance
Dance concerts and events in the Department of Dance

Department of Theatre Arts
Becca Tritten, rebecca-tritten@uiowa.edu
Mainstage, Gallery, Workshops, and Reading in the Department of Theatre Arts

Christopher Clair, christopher-clair@uiowa.edu

School of Art and Art History
Annette Niebuhr, annette-niebuhr@uiowa.edu

School of Music
Kate Thompson, kate-thompson@uiowa.edu
School of Music concerts, recitals, master classes, and events

College of Medicine

Alumni/External Relations
Lindsay Knudson, lindsay-knudson@uiowa.edu

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Julie Stark, julie-stark@uiowa.edu

Barbara Bewyer, barbara-bewyer@uiowa.edu

Briana Horwath, briana-horwath@uiowa.edu

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Kim Horras, kim-horras@uiowa.edu

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Jodi Graff, jodi-graff@uiowa.edu

Consultation and Research in Medical Education
Robyn Miessler-Kubanek, robyn-kubanek@uiowa.edu

Continuing Medical Education
Lori Bailey, lori-bailey@uiowa.edu

Cultural Affairs and Diversity Initiatives
Janet Niebuhr, janet-niebuhr@uiowa.edu

Lisa Lammer, lisa-lammer@uiowa.edu

Diabetes Research Center
Stacie Vik, stacie-vik@uiowa.edu
Diabetes Research Center

Emergency Medicine
Melissa Whisler, melissa-whisler@uiowa.edu

Facilities Planning
Monica Ruess, monica-ruess@uiowa.edu

Faculty Affairs and Development
Cindy Bohling, cynthia-bohling@uiowa.edu

Family Medicine
Erin Gallagher, erin-gallagher@uiowa.edu
Family Medicine

Human Genetics
Lisa Koizumi, lisa-koizumi@uiowa.edu

Ross Dudek, ross-dudek@uiowa.edu

Information Technology
Sonya Housholder, sonya-housholder@uiowa.edu

Internal Medicine
Lori Strommer, lori-strommer@uiowa.edu

Medical Scientist Training Program
Jessica Jensen, jessica-l-jensen@uiowa.edu

Julie Nealson, julie-nealson@uiowa.edu

Neal Purdum, neal-purdum@uiowa.edu

Carol Bontrager, carol-bontrager@uiowa.edu

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dale Geerdes, dale-geerdes@uiowa.edu

Office of the Dean
Alicia Kienzle, alicia-kienzle@uiowa.edu

Patricia Duffel, trish-duffel@uiowa.edu

Jeanette Marsh, jeanette-marsh@uiowa.edu

Carlisle Xavier, carlisle-xavier@uiowa.edu

Lynne Westphal, lynne-westphal@uiowa.edu

Mary Ann Boney, maryann-boney@uiowa.edu

Linda Buckner, linda-buckner@uiowa.edu

Physical Therapy
Carol Leigh, carol-leigh@uiowa.edu

Physician Assistant Program
Kaila Fairchild, kaila-fairchild@uiowa.edu

Carrie Stasch, carrie-stasch@uiowa.edu

Tina Campbell, tina-m-campbell@uiowa.edu

Radiation Oncology
Shawn Reynolds, shawn-reynolds@uiowa.edu

Nichole Jenkins, nichole-jenkins@uiowa.edu

Scientific Affairs
Sonya Housholder, sonya-housholder@uiowa.edu

Statewide Clinical Education Programs
Francisco Olalde, francisco-olalde@uiowa.edu

Student Affairs and Curriculum
David Etler, david-etler@uiowa.edu

Brandee Baker, brandee-baker@uiowa.edu
Calendar for events in the Department of Surgery, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics


College of Public Health

Department of Biostatistics
Karla Hurley, karla-hurley@uiowa.edu

Department of Community and Behavioral Health
Karla Hurley, karla-hurley@uiowa.edu

Department of Epidemiology
Karla Hurley, karla-hurley@uiowa.edu

Department of Health Management and Policy
Karla Hurley, karla-hurley@uiowa.edu

Department of Occupational & Environmental Health
Karla Hurley, karla-hurley@uiowa.edu

Master of Public Health Program
Karla Hurley, karla-hurley@uiowa.edu

UI College of Public Health
Debra Venzke, debra-venzke@uiowa.edu

Collegiate Calendars

College of Engineering
Fred Streicher, fred-streicher@uiowa.edu
Event information for College of Engineering students, faculty, and staff.

International Programs
Events On and Off-Campus with an International Interest

Departments & Services

Center on Aging
Barbara Reasner, barbara-reasner@uiowa.edu
UI Center on Aging

Hygienic Laboratory

Obesity Initiative
Maren Rogers, maren-rogers@uiowa.edu
The Obesity Initiative was established at the University of Iowa in 2011 as a means to coalesce existing faculty around the problems of obesity and to recruit ten new faculty members, who will bring new analytical tools toward solutions.

Organ Transplant Center
Valerie Tammes, valerie-tammes@uiowa.edu

Pomerantz Career Center
Sherry Rhinehart, sherry-rhinehart@uiowa.edu
This calendar is used for posting events to the Pomerantz Career Center Webiste

UI Children's Hospital
Robert Duff, robert-duff@uiowa.edu
University of Iowa Children's Hospital

UI Hospitals and Clinics
Robert Duff, robert-duff@uiowa.edu
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

General Interest

Discover Research
Hayley Yearian, hayley-yearian@uiowa.edu
VPR Calendar

Diversity Calendar
Kimberly Carter, kimberly-j-carter@uiowa.edu

ITS Calendar
Charles McBrearty, charles-mcbrearty@uiowa.edu

Master Calendar of Events
holly-waite@uiowa.edu, calendar@uiowa.edu
For university-sponsored events that are open to the public.

University Libraries
Jodi Scholl, jodi-scholl@uiowa.edu